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Liquid Gold Bond a Weav hair glue for Weaves and Extensions 1/2 oz Tube

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Product Description

Liquid Gold Bond A Weave Directions

Step 1

Shampoo hair. Apply to wet hair. Work in to rich lather. Rinse with warm water and repeat. (Do not appl,y any conditioners such as creme rinse or balsam).

Step 2

Towel blot. Then blow dry hair while combing. This will render hair tangle free. It is important for hair next to scalp to be completly oil free and dry prior to bonding.

Step 3

Part hair where weft is to be placed. Always start at the nape of the neck and work upward.

Step 4

Apply LIQUID GOLD hair bonder to the weft of weaved hair with thin even application.


Step 5

Optional for stronger bond. Apply LIQUID GOLD to parted hair close to scalp (but not directly on scalp). Allow bond to dry 3-5 minutes.

Step 6

HPlace weaved hair onto scalp hair with fingers. Press weaved hair on to scalp hair. Then seal with warm curling iron.

We recommend you use Liquid Gold After Bonding Leave in Conditioner. It allows natural and weaved hair to blend more naturally and conditions both beautifully. Also available Liquied Gold Bond Sealer to seal out ooil and moisture for longer lasting bond.


Hrequthat particular technique. There are good and bad along with everything in between. Try to find a hairdresser who specializes in this particular system alone. We know a few of these specialists worldwide, give us a call if you have trouble finding one.

Characteristics How To Remove Weaved Hair, using Liquid Gold Bond Dissolver:

Wet a piece of cotton with Bond Dissolver then transfer to the weft to be removed. Lay a warm curling iron on the weft for about 5 seconds. (The same as in Step 6). The weft should come loose easily. Do the same to any bonding material that may still cling to the hair. then comb out any residue with a fine tooth comb.



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