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About Lynne

About Lynne

About Lynne

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be the Weta Hair & Wig Department Supervisor for all 3 ‘Lord of The Rings’ films for the duration of shooting in New Zealand. I was the in charge of the creation of all special effects hair applied to prosthetics. Often challenging and never a dull moment I was one of the few privileged to work with other experts in their fields and we all came together on a mission to put the greatest work of our lives on camera..together.

From London I trained in the art of historical hairdressing and wig-making at The London College of Fashion some 20+ years ago. My origin lies in the film industry. Celebrities who wear hair chosen by me demand discretion. Usually it’s their manager or stylist who make contact. I hand select a suitable denier, wave, virgin color and usually provide it double-drawn. The way this hair moves, feels and reflects light all go into the selection process. Every strand is put through the system to ensure root to point perfection. It’s supplied to according to their specifics. There is a standard of quality directly relating to the preparation of the hair of which I cannot fall short on.

I started out at the English National Opera (the London Colliseum) and loved the flamboyancy of theatre.

I remember being terrified when I combed the wig Al Pacino was wearing in ‘’Looking for Richard’’. It was my first movie.


My life’s history is born from hair. Back when I trained at the London College of Fashion I turned my hopes and dreams of becoming a movie makeup artist & hairdresser to reality and obtained “The Lord of The Rings” hair & wig supervisor role for Weta special effects.

“The Hobbit”, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “The Last Samurai” have all used Caucasian and animal hair chosen by me. I think because I used to work on the film-sets I understand the problems a key hair stylist could experience. Colour plays a huge role, it’s got to be right. Full  cuticle hair is important to use too. Why? When the cuticles have been partially removed the hair no longer reflects light in the same way. It can even make the hair appear synthetic when it’s not.

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