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Frequently Asked Questions

As Hair Power began with a passion for quality so we continue by supplying natural Caucasian Russian hair extensions to the film industry for their lead actor requirements. We pride ourselves with our knowledge of hair collection and preparation like no other. We specialise in Russian human hair which is genuine hand prepared caucasian hair. It is true remis, virgin natural unprocessed hair. You won't find it here on our website. Please contact Lynne.

Quality control is of utmost importance to us so we never pass on inferior product to you, or ultimately your client.

Hair Power hair WILL NOT TANGLE end of story. We stand by our hair.


What are the hardest challenges these days when it comes to disguising lead-actor lace-front wigs on film? The knots themselves are a concern with HDTV as is the ‘return’ on the knot. The natural colours of Caucasian hair reflect light so differently than that of dyed hair. Modifications of dye formulations need continual scrutiny. Access to L’Oréal’s Color Collection did not exist on an 18th Century period film! With HDTV both the wig maker and stylists skills need to be top notch. The wig could be great but if not applied perfectly then the front lace is going to be visible. Even a well applied wig can look bad if the light catches a shine on the glue or a single strand of hair is adhered under the lace. Belly yak is still available but not used on hair lines as much as it used to be, I’m not sure why.


Our industry we know and love needs thin denier, intact cuticle, uninverted natural colored hair so I spent several months in many countries and am producing full cuticle, fine denier, colored hair, ensuring every strand really is ‘remis’.


Can you still access virgin Caucasian hair so the film industry can continue to meet the natural colors laid down in history? Little, but yes, sometimes it is who you know..





The UK was in much the same dilemma with the price of a Russian double-drawn kg of 18” at £3,500, if you could find it. Hairdressers have long been seeking European alternatives but complaining of tangles. I bought some of this hair from a couple of places and found it of black hair origin with a soft wave and full cuticle. It was nice hair except for the inversion which was the only thing causing the tangling. Once I turned the inverted hair, aligning roots and points correctly it was inevitable there was no more tangles. The bleached was highly processed but considering its black hair color origin it was to be expected.


I needed a holiday.



After Eastern Europe I went to China to take a look at what was going on over there. I discussed my concerns about the Russian hair and asked their opinions. One of the factory representatives said the industry was in a mess from mis-representation and I couldn’t agree more. Another explained that the Brazilian, Peruvian words they had used were just to keep the customers interested and that to their knowledge no hair came from Brazil, rather they were selling it to Brazil.


With emails arriving from Asian marketers offering Russian hair, now almost daily, we could only wish it true that Asia has access to this beauty in some secret way.


The standard previously denoted by Russian hair could go wayside in the same way as that of the words ‘’Remy’’ and ‘’European hair’’.



Qingdao, China


In 2008 China introduced a national minimal wage and social security benefit.


China is pumping billions of dollars to improve the country’s infrastructure. 2011 Qingdao Haiwan Bridge opened as the world’s longest bridge over water, costing billions spanning 26.4miles. The Qingdao metro commenced building in 2009.


Small wonder why the price of hair from factories in this new Tinsel Town keep going up.



Returning to one of my original questions: did Russian hair ever exist?..oh yes, it most certainly did.





Where does Hair Power hair come from?
We purchase our hair from hair suppliers and factories in Europe, Asia and the subcontinent.
Our suppliers advise us that the hair is collected ethically and each person is paid accordingly.
In India the hair is often donated to the temple.

These days remis hair is produced from ‘cut’ hair and regarded as superior because it is cuticle correct (the cuticles are traveling in the same direction). However, the meaning of the word has gone wayside as global suppliers mistakenly believe that the hair they are selling is remis. Named by many as Euro or European and often spelt 'remy' even though it's most likely to be Indian/Asian.

Pronounced "rem-ee" and often incorrectly spelt "remy”. It is from the French verb remettre and translates to "re-put" or "put back".” Meaning the hair has been returned to its original alignment as it grew. The historical definition of remis is to say that the hair was gathered from ‘fallen’ hair (hair from hairbrushes) and realigned or ‘put back’ to its original root to point positioning, ready for wig-making. The modern definition of remis means that the supplier is claiming that their hair is root to point correct and will therefore not matt up. They are saying it was always aligned and likely to have been harvested from ‘cut’ hair. It has not been ‘put back’ as it was never miss-aligned in the first place. So while this makes the word remis redundant it is accepted to mean root to point correct without miss-alignment during preparation.

What is the difference between single drawn, ponytails and double drawn human hair?
Ponytails: They have been banded and cut off above the tie.
Single drawn: These are ponytails that have had the short hairs at the top removed.
Double drawn: This hair has been hand worked to separate out all the different lengths. The result being that it is as thick at the bottom as it is at the top.
Regular hair: We endeavour to closely monitor this with our Asian office to ensure that it is as near to double drawn as possible. This hair is termed by most as Euro or European, Indian, Chinese or Asian. The Indians and Chinese do what they call a 'European process'.

Do you want natural virgin human hair extensions?
This is Hair Power's premium collection, locked in a vault and guarded with our pride and joy. It's Russian / Caucasian hair.
Traditionally prepared to ensure that EVERY strand is aligned in the same direction. We know of no other company in the world that can do this check. When purchasing Russian hair from any other supplier PLEASE wash it. If it tangles, return it.

Q: But isn't Russia part of Europe therefore Russian hair is European?
A: Geographically you're correct but we cannot do our Russian Caucasian hair justice by calling it European because it is truly natural unprocessed human hair. Hair that is labelled European is coming from a factory in Asia..

Can the hair be permed?
No unless it’s Russian & virgin hair. Please advise us prior to purchase and we will endeavour to supply you with appropriate hair fit for the purpose intended. Always do a test sample first.

What is the estimated delivery time to another country from Australia?
To NZ – 2-3 days
To the rest of the world – 3-5 days
We send all products via trackable post through FedEx.

TwinTape® Hair Extensions
Part the hair.Take a thin section, the same width as the taped hair. Remove the backing from tape. Using a tail comb place this thin section of the customers hair on top of the tape (sticky side up).
Remove another piece of backing from a second piece. Place sticky side down precisely in unison with the first tape hair. Push together to ensure good adhesion.

How many strands are needed for a full head?
· Twin Tape® 20 Twins, 4 packets
      18" / 45cm 1 pack = 25gms
      20" / 50cm 1 pack = 29gms

· Weft 100gm - 200gm, 1 - 2 packets
      18" / 45cm 1 pack = 100gms
      20" / 50cm 1 pack = 100gms

      22" / 55cm 1 pack = 100gms
      24" / 60cm 1 pack = 100gms

· Bulk 100gm - 200gm, 2 - 4 packets
      18" / 45cm 1 pack = 50gms
      20" / 50cm 1 pack = 50gms

      22" / 55cm 1 pack = 50gms
      24" / 60cm 1 pack = 50gms
      26" / 65cm 1 pack = 50gms

· Power Rings® 100 strands, 10 packets
      18" / 45cm 1 pack = 10gms
      20" / 50cm 1 pack = 10gms

· Power Tips 120 strands, 12 packets
      18" / 45cm 1 pack = 8gms
      20" / 50cm 1 pack = 8gms

· Pre-bonded 100 strands, 10 packets
      18" / 45cm 1 pack = 10gms
      20" / 50cm 1 pack = 10gms

· Power Bond® 100 strands, 10 packets
      18" / 45cm 1 pack = 10gms
      20" / 50cm 1 pack = 10gms

Can the extensions be straightened?
· Yes you can straighten the hair, just make sure you don’t touch the bonded area with the heated irons. Straighteners tend to be very hot, so they’re not advisable to be used excessively because over time they will damage all human hair.

A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm). A3 is double the size of an A4 sheet of paper
A2 size (42cm x 59.4cm). A2 is quadruple the size of an A4 sheet of paper

Power Connector Pre-bonding Machine
What heat is the Power Connector supposed to be at?
It will heat to the required temperature.

Resin Applicator Instructions
What heat does the Resin Applicator heat to? 193°C

Is it normal for the new resin applicators to produce smoke when turned on for the first time?
Yes, it is a minimal amount of machine oil.
This is just a thin film of machine oil residue from the production of the equipment. When they are heated for the first time, this residue burns off and is seen as smoke. This should only occur briefly for a few minutes during the first time the equipment is turned on.

Resin (keratin) Bonding Sticks
What size are the resin sticks?
Length in cm: 12.5cm (5”)
Width in cm: 1.2cm (½")

Power Bond®
The plastic doesn’t melt, help!
It’s not supposed to! The plastic will heat up and shrink. The resin inside the plastic will melt.

How long do you heat them for?
No more than 5 seconds on the top and the bottom. Don’t let the resin seep out at all. Keep your eye on the extension continually. The amount of resin inside the plastic tube is just the required amount to bond the extension in. For experienced extension artists with customers who enjoy high maintenance. Commonly used on film sets.

Power Rings®
Hair Power's most popular product are the easy to use Power Rings®. Trademarked by Hair Power and sold in packs of 10 from a little over $3.50 per strand. Why waste time when Power Rings® already have the hair attached to the cylinder enabling you to apply hair extensions quicker and easier than ever before! What great value!... or better still: purchase the Applicator & Removal Tool in a Mini-Kit and enjoy even further savings! Power Rings® are the fastest and smallest method currently available in the world. No heat, no mess… its that simple.

Can we re-use them?
Sliding them up is an option but we don’t recommend it because of natural hair loss during the prior wearing period. There's nothing like new hair.

What are the width of the wefts?
The widths can vary but in general the following applies:
18"/45cm: 52"-54"
20"/50cm: 48"-50"

Clip-In Wefts
We do not sell pre-made Clip-Ins. Wefts and clips are sold separately which is more cost effective for you. The clips are quite easy to apply to the wefts, just make sure the curve of the clip is facing you when sewing in.

Synthetic Fibre
What type of synthetic fibre does Hair Power stock?
Kanekelon or KK commonly used throughout the world. Available in a variety of fantasy colours:
1 metre weights 185 gms
50gm is 115cm long
Pre-bonded packs contain 10 strands

Drawing Boards (Mats)
Small: 18cm x 16cm (7” x 6 ¼”)
Medium: 22cm x 20cm (8” x 10”)
Large: 26.5cm x 21cm (10 ¾” x 8 ¼”)

Removal Fluid & Acetone
What is it?
It causes no damage to human hair. If you are planning on re-applying the extensions clarify all hair after use.

Hair Power Remover or Acetone - what’s the difference?
Hair Power Remover is non-toxic and safe. Its a little oily and requires the use of shampoo to remove the residue.

Acetone is potentially harmful, it’s not advisable to breathe it in or let it touch the skin.
Hair Power remover is deliverable.

Acetone is highly flammable. We are unable to send this product out. Local pick-up only.

Hair Power Remover or Acetone- which one works the best?
Hair Power Remover works great on extensions that have been applied to your client 2 weeks or more. Freshly applied extensions are harder to remove.
Acetone works well on newly applied extensions. However, we do not endorse the use of acetone.

What is the quantity of the removal fluid bottles? 60mls

Removal of Twin Tapes
Spray liberally onto the strips. Wait 60 seconds to remove extensions.
Clean and prepare extensions for re-use by spraying remover liberally onto tape area and rubbing with a cloth to clean. When all tape residue is removed, allow to dry thoroughly before applying new tape for re-application on hair.

The Twin Tape Removal Fluid is highly flammable. We are unable to send this product out. Local pick-up only.

Hair Power brand alluminium cylinder rings
They are available in various sizes both with and without a silicone inner tube. Please specify at the time of your purchase.
Length x Inside diameter:
6mm x 3mm = approx 380 per container
4mm x 3mm = approx 470 per container
3mm x 2mm = approx 846 per container
2mm x 2mm = approx 1110 per container

Illusion brand zinc and copper cylinder rings
These cylinders are available in 500 or 1000 rings in various colours.
Length x diameter x (Inside diameter):
5.5mm long x 3.5 mm diameter (2.5mm-2.7mm inside diameter)

Power Shrinks
Approx 226 in container


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