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Keratin Resin Applicator

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Product Description


Resin Applicator 240V is used with 1 cm diameter Keratin Resin sticks for applying Bulk hair extensions (loose tied bundles).

Russian hair, euro full cuticle and remy hair are all available for this hair extension system.

A Drawing Board or mat is highly recommended to ensure no hair wastage.

A Silicone Pad is essential to protect your fingers from the melted keratin resin.



  1. Application area of client’s hair must be freshly clarified WITHOUT the use of conditioner. Dry 100%.

  2. Insert a keratin resin stick through tunnel at back of applicator without squeezing the trigger. Ensure the stick is inside the heating chamber.

  3. Plug cord into an electrical outlet and wait 15 minutes for the resin to heat up without being tempted to squeeze the trigger.

  4. Ensure resin is hot before squeezing trigger. Pressure on the trigger if not heated will result in trigger malfunction.

  5. When you are finished using the Applicator, switch off and unplug leaving any unused resin to remain in the Applicator.

  6. For Storage purposes; once Applicator has completely cooled down seal the entire resin Applicator in an air tight bag and expel the air.


*Keratin resin left exposed to air will absorb moisture from the air which causes a foaming effect during its next use.



Helpful Hints

  • Never push the resin stick in with force, this will clog the channel and cause trigger failure.
  • It is characteristic of the resin to seep from the Applicator.