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Power Shrinks


Product Description

Plastic Shrinks made of shrinkable plastic tubing. If you prefer discreet hair extensions



  1. Place shrinks onto a Power Looper
  2. Thread shrink onto your customers hair and insert a Power Tip.
  3. Apply heat using a power connecter for 5 seconds, then using a silicone pad roll the power shrink to bond the hair.


  1. Use your power connecter to heat the shrink for 5 seconds. This will loosen the shrink and you will be able to remove the power tip.
  2. Spray keratin resin removal fluid onto hair to remove resin residue.



There are approx 226 shrinks per container


Colours available




The plastic doesn’t melt, help!

It’s not supposed to! The plastic will heat up and shrink. The resin inside the plastic will melt.

How long do you heat them for?

No more than 5 seconds on the top and the bottom. Don’t let the resin seep out at all. The amount of resin inside the plastic tube is just the required amount to bond the extension to the hair.



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