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Remy Cuticle Weft Hair Extensions


Product Description




Delivered tomorrow call 03 9013 0400, 02 9086 9300, 07 3117 0694 or 0433 138 663

There are 60gm, 100gm and 120gm packets available

These wefts are machine made and are applied in a few ways:

1. By braiding the clients own hair first, to form a track. The weft is sewn to this braid.

2. Attaching cylinder ring chips to the clients own hair. The weft is again sewn to this 'cushion'.

3. Gluing directly onto the clients hair


The widths can vary but in general the following applies:
18"/45cm: 52" / 132cm
20"/50cm: 48" / 121cm

Russian wefts are a different kettle of fish. Because they are made from Caucasian hair they need to be hand wefted. I've never come accross genuine Caucasian hair that has been machine wefted. If you have then I'd love you to share that information.

Turning hair

Knowing that finding plentiful ongoing supplies of un-inverted cuticle intact raw hair was really only a dream, I began researching and together we found a commercially viable way of turning the hair en masse. I know of three totally differing ways in which to turn hair. Two of which will fix the hair up to 85%. Once done, removing the balance of the inverted strands with a fine-tuning system renders the bundles 100% root to point, cuticle correct, un-inverted..however you prefer to word it..Remis (remy) in the true meaning of the word. Remis comes from the French verb ‘remettre’, meaning ‘put back’ and by following this final step the hair has most definitely been put back into the alignment it first grew.


This ‘remy’ word distresses me and so I digress. The meaning has become ambiguous and no longer draws a differentiation between cuticles aligned or mis-aligned. The word has been so misused that its meaning does not define the hair at all. To me it means nothing. I love washing hair, not to clean it, but to feel it. I always say the truth comes out in the wash.


Remy packaged hair is most likely to have had cuticle stripping in order to render it temporarily tangle-free. It tangles because it’s inverted and not remy. It also has its cuticles removed because it’s not remy. By removing some of the cuticles the factory are minimalizing the tangling. Catch 22. With factories willing to write anything on a label we had and still have a major problem at hand.