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Twin Tape® Double-sided Hair Tape. 274cm roll.

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Product Description

Double Sided Prosthetic Medical Grade Tape for re-applying Twin Tape® hair extensions.

Re-tapes are used so you can re-apply your existing Twin Tape® hair extensions.

: 1.27cm width x 274cm length. (1/2 inch x 108inches long).

Re-application process: After Twin Tapes have been removed from you clients hair, apply removal fluid onto each Twin Tape® and wipe with a cloth to remove excess tape residue. Allow to dry before applying the re-tape.

Application: Lay tape roll out with the tape side up.

Place clean and dried Twin Tape® hair extension onto roll. Line up the bottom of the Twin Tape®

Cut around the hair extension and they are ready to apply to your client's hair.

How long do they last?

6 – 8 weeks.

How many is recommended to re-tape a full head?

Using the large roll you will only need 1 as there is enough for 68 pieces when cut at 4cm wide.