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WM Creations Xtra Hold Plastic Spirit Gum 2 oz 57ml

Express mailed same day using ground transport within Australia only

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Product Description

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The bottle weighs 100gm. Each bottle contains 2 ounces which is 57ml. Xtra Hold Plastic Spirit Gum lace hair adhesive by Matthew Mungle of WM Creations.

This is a plasticised version of Extra hold matte spirit gum at its best. It's got great flexibility and it's another great spirit gum by Matthew Mungle of WM Creations.

This plastic gum contains a great matting agent and suitable for all usual postiche applications including fine HD hair lace as well as facial prosthetics, foam, gelatin and silicone appliances.

Switch from Extra Hold or Super Matt and try this plastic spirit gum to decide for yourself which you prefer

This is a plastic matte adhesive with durability! It contains a great matting agent too. Apply in the same way as Extra Hold Spirit Gum using a brush and ensuring that both the skin and the lace have adhesive applied to them. After 10 seconds begin pressing and releasing using a nylon stocking. Repeat until tackiness and shine cease and lace disappears from vision.

Do not use cotton tipped applicators as some fibres may release. Instead use a dedicated clean soft but firm brush.

For professional use only. Thoroughly shake the bottle prior to use and stay away from the eyes.


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Ensure good ventilation and begin removal with 99% alcohol will remove the glue from the actor. Follow with isoproply myristate.

Keep myristate away from prosthetic appliances. Instead, clean them with 99% alcohol or acetone.

Lace should be blocked with a tissue underneath and then cleaned carefully using a brush taking as much time as required to ensure the integrity of the lace.

Extra Hold Plastic Spirit Gum is deemed hazardous to ship with air freight. Ground transportation is used. It is unlikely you will receive your package the next day, however it will be express mailed to you the same day as ordered and paid. This product is not available for shipping internationally. Please purchase from your country of residence.



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