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Russian Bulk Ponytails Hair Extensions


Product Description

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Russian Hair


So that’s what happened. Now for why it happened.


European hair had to carry a name other than Indian, it had a standard to follow passed down from decades and centuries before..Quite simply put we’re talking excellent preparation, full cuticle with all strands travelling in the same direction.


With the demand for Russian hair outweighing the availability it was inevitable that prices would escalate. Not even the rich and famous could extend their bank account far enough to buy this true natural beauty..money simply could not find it. Yes, sure it helps if you know the right people..and there’ll always be those lucky few who can break that barrier.


Some of the very people adorning their new Russian hair are wearing Asian hair instead without even knowing it. The demand is high and the hair scarcely available and this has put suppliers businesses on the line. So the substitute was born: Asian hair disguised as Russian. How was the consumer ever to know? It’s no wonder the vendors pressed the repeat button…It was all too easy.


The bottom line is Russian hair was never meant to be about poor quality, Asian cuticle-removed hair. The high price tag made it appealing to use any hair to fetch the same money. It could even follow on why Russian hair is still available in dark colors..Now theres a thought..


Real estate prices fluctuate, hair prices do not. The price of a kg of Caucasian raw ponytails has escalated to as much as $3,500 or $1,588 per pound. The quality has decreased. After double-drawing, wastage and other factors, the resulting usable hair gets a quadrupled price-tag and we haven’t even turned it into extensions or a wig yet..It’s just priced itself out of the market.


I was offered a blend of 2 ethnicities. I declined.


Mixing two different qualities of hair causes contamination and therefore does not improve the quality of the bad hair. Rather it destroys the lot.


Let’s move forward..


So just how do we move forward? Let’s begin by stop scraping up the scraps of the Russian hair that once was and focus on technology advancements available to us.