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Russian Hand Wefted Hair Extensions. Caucasian hair handmade wefts.


Product Description

Discussing Russian Hair

We use unprocessed virgin natural Caucasian cuticle correct, double drawn or single drawn to produce handmade wefts precisely to you specifications such as colour, length, width, texture and wave pattern. We use weaving poles and drawing boards to old fashion way to give you a more modern day result.

You may colour, bleach, steam perm or chemical perm this virgin hair, but as always do a test first.


Take a look at our Russian hair process videos here


So what is the definition of Russian hair, where was it coming from and can movie makers and celebrities still get it? Indeed, does Russian hair still exist and did it ever exist in the first place?


This “Russian hair” wording expresses a quality standard rather than descent. It is Caucasian, regardless of precisely which European country was its growth origin. In theory it could be from any Caucasian person at all. As long as it is fine denier, soft, unquestionably virgin leaving it literally chemical free..it tends to be classified as Russian hair. Those who have been purchasing Russian hair for some time demonstrate a good eye for evaluating its ethnicity.


So where was this hair grown, was it really Russia? It was from any Eastern European country poor enough to sell their hair and despatched from Russian and Ukraine vendors. These days the availability of such hair is at a minimum leaving suppliers and consequentially, their customers with a serious problem: The Russians are now importing from China..yes, the industry is a mess..I needed to go there to see for myself.

Throughout my travels I met Russian and Turkish people in China in search of raw braids and I met Indians selling their hair to China. Chinese factories packaging Asian hair into bags labelled Russian hair had to be one of the saddest things I saw. So in effect, wearers of this hair are adorning Asian hair and believing it to be of Russian origin. In much the same way as the wordings ‘remy’, ‘Italian hair’ and ‘European hair’ have come to be misconstrued, so now is the wording “Russian hair”.



Product Videos

Product Videos