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Tape Hair Extensions

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Product Description

Tape Hair Extensions from Hair Power

Please note the quantity, above, is 1 packet which equals 10 pieces (5 twins)


Quantity 1 Packet contains 10 tape pieces which make 5 Twin Tapes®



10 Twins 2 Packets contains 20 tape pieces which make 10 Twin Tapes®



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Tape hair extensions sometimes also called skin wefts are easy to apply, remove and maintain.

Virgin Russian hair, European hair, raw hair and Indian remy hair all with a high ratio are used to manufacture Twin Taped hair extensions at our facilities. Indian remy hair extensions are featured on this page and are most salon’s preference of human hair. High ratio hair gives your clients fullness throughout their hair extensions.

Waterproof, medical grade double sided tape has been pre-applied to each taped hair extension piece.

A small section of your client’s hair is sandwiched between two Twin Tape hair extensions. Use about 20 Twins for a full head of these taped extensions.

As an alternative, you may sew in extension clips to produce clip in hair extensions.

Virgin Russian hair can be used to produce custom made natural human hair extensions to your specifications including width, length, colour, curl and texture.

Full cuticle hair is another option, many call it European hair or European Grade hair.. ours does not compare. Throughout 2012 Lynne did extensive technical development to produce this natural, cuticle-correct hair in a way that promises just that: fully intact and correctly aligned cuticles. Lynne says: The hair supply industry has changed so much that the future depends upon exports. I’ve developed a manufacturing process which enables the demand for quantity to be met in a product resembling Caucasian hair or Russian hair. It was my 2012 goal and without this product I couldn’t see a future in human hair sales. The price is affordable to our new overseas retailers.


Manufacturing Technology

All our polyurethane Twin Tapes are manufactured by hand. Each 4cm wide piece has its top (root) end joined with PU 0.8cm in height. During our manufacture the polyurethane is meticulously applied to the extension hair in many layers and heat dried between each layer. Strength is built during this process.

On each taped hair there is a machine straight stitch across the top and bottom which adds further strength and durability enabling re-use by re-taping. The strips are cut into 4cm widths and their corners rounded to avoid ‘peeling’ during wear. The double-sided tape is high quality, hypo-allergenic, medical grade which has been used for decades to adhere men’s hair replacement hair pieces (toupées) to the scalp.



How many packets do I need for a full head?

There are 10 pieces which produce 5 Twin Tape hair extensions per packet.

4 packets are advisable for a full head. That’s a total of 40 pieces, 20 Twin Tapes.


What type of hair are they made from?

Indian remy human hair is used to produce the most popular salon taped hair. Russian hair and full cuticle human hair are custom produced according to your specifications.


How long do they last?

6 – 8 weeks.


Can they be re-taped for re-using?

Yes. Retape each piece with Retape or our tape rolls. All our double-sided tapes are high quality, prosthetic, medical grade, hypo-allergenic and waterproof.


What kind of tape do you supply?

You many choose from:

Precut and rounded 0.8cm x 4cm ( inches)

0.8cm x 106cm long. (0.3 inch wide x 42inches long)

1.27cm x 274cm long. (1/2 inch wide x 108inches long)


How are Twin Tapes removed?

Spray or brush on Twin Tape removal fluid which allows each Twin Tape to be removed fro the client’s hair. Lay each piece down on your silicone mat and further apply removal fluid and rub all tape residue off with a cloth. Dry.


Pros & Cons


Quick, easy and re-usable. The hair stays inside the polyurethane minimising shedding.



They can be visible when placed higher up the head. Most people do not have a fall out issue but this system of hair extensions has a higher rate of fall out than other systems such as weaving in wefts, fusion, Power Rings and I-tips (Power Tips).

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Product Videos