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  • weft-hair-extensions-by-hair-powerWe are hair extension suppliers of Weft, Tape and Russian hair and send most of our products next day delivery.
  • Neutral-Tape-Hair-Extension
  • Lightest-Blonde-Weft-Hair-ExtensionsLightest neutral and golden blondes to choose from.
  • Purple-Weft-Hair-ExtensionBright purple wefted hair extensions
  • Ash-Neutral-Weft-Hair-ExtensionPerfect ash neutral colours to blend easily with your clients own hair
  • Platinum-Weft-Hair-ExtensionsPlatinum blonde hair extensions
  • Red-Weft-Hair-ExtensionsBright red wefted hair extensions
  • Weft-Hair-ExtensionsWe stock a large array of hair colours
weft-hair-extensions-by-hair-power1 Neutral-Tape-Hair-Extension2 Lightest-Blonde-Weft-Hair-Extensions3 Purple-Weft-Hair-Extension4 Ash-Neutral-Weft-Hair-Extension5 Platinum-Weft-Hair-Extensions6 Red-Weft-Hair-Extensions7 Weft-Hair-Extensions8

Hair Extensions by Hair Power

Russian Hair Extensions

Suppliers of hair extensions Australia and worldwide, we are located in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Virgin Russian hair handmade wefts and micro wefts are used for wigs and special effects hair.

Virgin Tape Hair Extensions and Russian Tape Hair Extensions

Russian and Caucasian hair can be custom made into a variety of hair extension systems such as handmade wefts. We have many requests for this hair to be made into taped hair extensions. Please give us a call.

Caucasian Hair

Russian hair extensions are made from genuine Russian or Caucasian ponytails and are available in natural virgin colours from blonde to dark. Raw hair is prepared into single drawn or double drawn using drawing boards. It is custom made and available in bulk, hand weft or pre-bonded.

European Hair Extensions

We have launched our European quality for an affordable alternative to Russian and Caucasian hair. It is cuticle hair and is available double drawn and virtually double drawn, meaning there is a taper towards the ends only. They are beautiful dyed colours including many ash colours. Flat wefts are our latest hair extensions. They have no short hair at the top (returns). These wefts have the smallest join, zero shedding and are the flattest wefts in the world. Flat wefts are made using full cuticle euro style human hair and available in many colours including fabulous ash colours.


This is a machine made weft. We also have Russian handmade wefts which are made using weaving poles to your specific length, width and spacing requirements. We go to great lengths to ensure they are exactly as you need them. They are double drawn or single drawn and machine reinforced if you choose.

Tape Hair Extension Suppliers

Tape hair are our most popular hair extensions often called skin wefts. These are remy and come in many colours and lengths with fairly thick ends at great prices. They are easy to apply yourself or with a friend.

Our doubles and stunt doubles wigs to the worldwide movie film industry are coming in the future. More new things to look forward to include the opportunity to list your salon or mobile business in our fabulous new directory.

Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions with hair glue are adhered to the top in a V or U shape. Use your pre-bonding machine to heat the keratin glue through your clients hair and finish with a silicone pad.

Power Rings Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions using Power Rings® are one of the easiest methods to apply. They are 100% human hair extentions and tangle free.


Taped hair extensions double sided very strong medical grade tape as well as keratin glue which is hair glue are our popular accessory range. Beads for micro weft, clips, knotting needles, hooks and wigmakers tools such as equipment to make double drawn hair.

Power Tip

Power Tips hair extensions for hair are similar to Power Rings but they do not already have the ring attached to the hair. The ring is applied during the application process.

Bulk Hair Extensions

Place your selection of colors and/or lengths into drawing boards. Apply a heavy weight on top of them and carefully pull out your required blends of hair. Apply using a resin dispenser, keratin resin, silicone pad & protective disc.