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  • weft-hair-extensions-by-hair-powerWe are hair extension suppliers of Weft, Tape and Russian hair and send most of our products next day delivery.
  • Neutral-Tape-Hair-Extension
  • Lightest-Blonde-Weft-Hair-ExtensionsLightest neutral and golden blondes to choose from.
  • Purple-Weft-Hair-ExtensionBright purple wefted hair extensions
  • Ash-Neutral-Weft-Hair-ExtensionPerfect ash neutral colours to blend easily with your clients own hair
  • Platinum-Weft-Hair-ExtensionsPlatinum blonde hair extensions
  • Red-Weft-Hair-ExtensionsBright red wefted hair extensions
  • Weft-Hair-ExtensionsWe stock a large array of hair colours
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Hair Extensions by Hair Power

Russian Hair Extensions

Authentic genuine Caucasian Russian hair supplier for film, theatre, tv and Russian hair extensions. We are located in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia and Fedex to Europe in 3 days.

Russian hair supply

Hugo Royer was London's premier supplier to traditional wig makers for film and theatre and we operate in a similar traditional manner preparing hair for some of Londons theatre district and wig makers.

Russian hair vs Caucasian hair

Caucasian hair is the old Russian hair that you once knew. Caucasians grow hair in any colour dark to light, straight to curly. These days Russian hair has been adopted by Asian factories and don't even start me on that subject.

Celebrities should wear the best hair, it makes their life easy. I know, I wear it. I'm talking about custom made Caucasian hair (selected just for them). Wearing Caucasian hair will save them many hours in the makeup chair. They are happy, their hairdresser is happy and we all have a better day for it allowing everyone to get on with the job at hand and go home at a decent hour. That said, it is not possible to commercialize Caucasian hair, I wish it was and if anyone could do it, it would be me. But, Caucasian hair is PERFECTION. Along with its rarity, it comes with a price tag, not commercially do-able to the general consumer. It is always custom made to the individual and we are talking $thousands.

About Lynne

I like working behind the scenes.

25 years ago I studied film hair and makeup at the London College of Fashion and specialised in hair preparation. I worked for the BBC, the London theatre district and then left for New York, then LA in my early 20's for about 5 years. I moved to Australia, did a couple of other films and TV and then "Lord of The Rings" captured me. My career took off. I was the hair effects supervisor for Weta Special Effects for all 3 Lord of The Rings films shot in New Zealand during the millenium. The first 2 films each won a makeup Oscar. I started supplying hair for film worldwide.

I was focussing mainly on preparing the hair for the people I met on my journey through working in film which include makeup Oscar winners such as Tami Lane, Howard Berger, Richard Taylor for films such as "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", "Mad Max: Fury Road".

Since then we began supplying celebrity stylists, well known throughout the UK, USA and Australia.

Most of my work is mailed out Fedex hush hush for individual celebrities, stylists, wig makers and special fx crew.

My specialty is custom prepared premium Caucasian hair which is made into handmade wefts. Better quality does not exist:) It's my artwork, it's my passion:)

There are two kinds of hair supply:

1. Custom made Caucasian hair. Previously known as Russian hair. I choose to lessen the amount I use this terminology due to the Chinese factories pumping it out to the western world..in a plastic bag from China via Russia. Say no more.

Genuine hand prepared Caucasian hair is my main core business these days. Call it Russian if you must.

2. 'Factory hair' Bagged hair chosen off a colour chart. I call it factory hair.. seriously..where else could it have been grown? Russia? Various qualities, of course I favour the best:)

My first film credit was on Al Pacino's doco 'Looking for Richard'. "I had no idea what I was doing!"