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Film Wig HW 118:1 Nape 58cm

Email: info@herowigs.com
Dark Brown

Hair Quality:
Virgin Caucasian

Cuticle Intact:

12''/ 30cm

Swiss Film

Hair Texture:

Grey Content:
natural textured grey selection throughout


Product Description

This film wig is 100% hand knotted with single knots made from virgin Caucasian hair that was sourced in ponytail format and personally collected.


Each wig lace and hair design is produced with the stylists job in mind.


During hair selection we concentrate on virgin colour selection, texture, natural wave/curl, grey combinations and placements. The hair is double drawn into precise lengths, in full European traditional style.


During making we focus on root direction, crowns, hair colour and type placement.


It's old-school wig mastery and hair preparation in 2024.


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