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Hair Extension Professional Glue Sticks with Keratin

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Product Description

You will experience hassle free fusion bonded human hair extensions without the fear of shedding, weakening or fall out.



Our keratin hair extension glue is a high performance, hair on hair extension adhesive, engineered to last until your next install. It is a resin polymer designed for the hair extension industry alone. Your extensions will last through and through.

It must be used by experienced professionals for Fusion hair on hair extension bonding.

We went to great lengths some 17 years ago to to create the most user friendly hair extension adhesive on the market.

Fusion hair extensions require a higher skill level than taped or wefted hair extensions. Please carefully select a specialist Fusion experienced hair extension artist.



Hair extensions damage your hair - do they? All systems require a mastering of that particular technique. There are good and bad along with everything in between. Try to find a hairdresser who specializes in this particular system alone. We know a few of these specialists worldwide, give us a call if you have trouble finding one.


This hair extension glue should be stored airtight. If you have hair glue left over you must unplug and cool your device completely, then wrap in such a way to keep out the air. Although exposure to air will not affect its performance, bubbling during re-heating will be minimal. It is normal for it to seep from the Resin Applicator during heating. It is extremely hot and for this reason a silicone pad and protective disc are essential additional tools.

Removal of hair extension glue

We recommend resin removal fluid. However, 100% acetone along with a pair of pliers will remove this hair extension glue. Acetone will not damage the clients hair at all. If you choose this option do not use regular nail polish remover as this is not 100% acetone. If used the glue will become sticky making non-damaging removal near impossible. Place the remover onto each extension and use a pair of pliers to squeeze the bonded area. Using the correct remover will ensure the glue will crumble, like a biscuit. Keratin resin removal fluid is more gentle and must be thoroughly shampooed from the clients hair after removal and re-application of extensions.

Saving that precious Caucasian hair

Paid a lot for that beautiful Caucasian hair? Don't waste it! As you remove each hair extension, carefully lay it into drawing boards and then take it to a hair preparer or wig maker who will redraw it for you. Think you have kept it all up the right way? We hope so. The ultimate removal of Caucasian hair for re-use would be to first wash the hair while still attached, blow dry, straighten, then remove. Any hair you take out that becomes doubtful as to whether it is up the right way should be discarded or sent to a specialist hair preparer. By following this procedure you will rest assured that each strand is still cuticle correct. Without this it's only good for the garbage can. I have seen countless hairdressers present me with hair that is messy and just shoved into clips. Why not take the time to learn how to preserve the hair, after all it cost your client a fortune.

Reapplication of Caucasian hair

Rotate the hair with a second set if possible. A professional re-use of Caucasian hair cannot be performed the same day. It needs to be re-prepared for re-use. Encourage your client to have 2 sets of hair which will enable thorough and correct preparation of the removed hair for peak performance re-application next time. If you are not using Caucasian hair (ie you are using factory hair) then please disregard these last 2 paragraphs.

Measurements of hair extension glue

These fusion keratin glue sticks have a diameter of 1.2 cm and are 12.7cm long (0.47inches x 5inches). You may purchase a single stick, 5 pack or a 10 pack.


Is it the keratin that is bonding the hair together? Marketing hype, fiddlesticks.

Products required for application of hair extension glue

Hair Glue Applicator
Silicone Pads
Protective Disc

As an alternative, this hair extension glue is also available in re-bonds

Products required for Removal of hair extension glue

Keratin Hair Glue Resin Removal Fluid
Closer Tools
Drawing Mats



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